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Why studying languages online is effective

A case for learning a language on skype

It's not rare that potential students are nervous about the first trial lesson. For example, I had one last month where the student told me that at the beginning she was afraid of the nature of the lesson - she was used to the normal, old fashioned face-2-face method.

In the end when I asked for some feedback, she said it was very strange - in a good way though - and that she had never imagined online learning could be so easy and so much fun! This is not marketing, it's the truth. Times are changing and we shouldn't be afraid of trying new things. Generally speaking humans tend to abandon new ways just to go back to the well-known, "safe" methods even if it is ineffective.

I've tried to collect some advantages because I truly believe learning online is much more effective than people usually think. So here are some of my thoughts:

a) There is still human contact (representing the living language), so you do not learn to react from gut, but as the situation needs it.

b) You do not have to tie yourself to one location. It works anywhere, you only need Internet connection and a lap top. It could be during your lunch break at work, at home or on vacation, you can continuously practice and develop your knowledge.

c) You are not tied to time. Do you have time only early in the morning? Or late evening? No problem. Lessons can be at any time and you are not strictly tied to business hours. Due to flexibility, students are normally more relaxed and focused during the lessons.

d) Using different systems online means live connection. Essentially you have time and chance to fix your mistakes and learn from them the very moment. The tutor helps you instantly and consistently, so your language skills evolve as you talk with your tutor.

e) One-to-one communication. You and your tutor. Nothing to be ashamed, nothing to be afraid of. The lessons give you the confidence you need, without any bad experiences.

So if you choose to learn a language, you are tight in time and you want to be mobile at the same time, your best bet will be to learn online.

Can you think of any other advantages of studying online?

Is it an effective method for you? Why?

Share your thoughts with us! All ideas are welcomed!

Words/ expressions used:

- trial: test

- generally speaking: usually

- abandon: to leave

- ineffective: not functioning very well

- react from gut: react instantly and not thinking about it

- to be tied to something: depend on something

- due to: because of

- evolve: develop

- to be ashamed: feeling bad or embarrassed

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