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What you can do to protect your online data

Probably you've already heard about the issue Facebook is struggling with these days. If not, here is a short summary of what happened in our previous blog (Facebook: ally or adversary in the online world?

Despite all of its advantages Facebook has to be used responsibly. And this is the key. Mostly because it is way too easy to spread misinformation, rally negative campaigns and con people. So here are some advices to use Facebook in a more responsible way:

1. Learn how to use privacy settings: know when you share or post something, that you have an option to chose, that your post or share is Public (everybody can see it, default option), Just Friends (only your friends can see it), or send it to a specific group or person.

2. Learn how to remove all the apps or websites, that has access to your Facebook account. Click on the little triangle on the top right corner, then on the Settings option. On the Left click on Apps and Websites. Yes, all those. All of those you clicked on and gave your consent to have access. You can remove them easily. Click on the View and edit line, then in the new window on the bottom Remove App.

3. Learn, what kind of information you give to advertisers from Facebook. In Settings you find Ads on the left side list. You can remove any interest or preference you are given, and can restrict information given to them.

4. Learn to set your privacy settings in the Left side list under Privacy (you will be surprised how much you give away with consent.

5. Review what Facebook knows about you already: In the left menu click on General, under the text it is a small link called Download a copy of your Facebook data. Will ask for a password and when prompted click download. You will receive an email with a zip file in it. Open the file, choose the html file and open it with your browser. (Warning, scary to see it at first time!)

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