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Thinking in English

Think English

It is one of the first real success in learning English, when you start thinking in English.

Sounds weird right? It is almost impossible to comprehend the idea. You're thinking (not think what to say) in a foreign language. Many people feels that English is hard and exhausting to learn and speak.

Why is that?

Just think it over: when does your brain work harder?

1) when you think of some idea and form it in English, then speak of it,

2) when you think of some idea, form it in your own language, translate it into English then speak of it.

I personally think (in English :) ) that option 1 is much easier. The words come together smoother and covering more what you meant to say. You do not have to compare, what is the right word to say it and how it sounds if you translate for example an expression.

Here in Step-LS every student naturally picks this up after a while. And many times you do not even recognize that you did think in English. How can this happen?

First, the tutor doesn't allow you to speak in your native language. This prevents the bad habit of speaking out in your native language to "help out" your sentences in English. Also it encourages to form your thoughts in a more fitting structure, and in a way forces you to think in English.

Second, the discussion of the lesson copies real life situations. This ensures that you are familiar with the vocabulary used in it and you can express yourself freely without the fear of not being able to express yourself.

Finally, the real life situations force you to think quickly, and without too long hesitation. This encourages you to form your thoughts straight in English.

Ask our tutor, how you can improve your thinking in English and you will never turn back!

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