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Why you should learn with STEP-LS

Someone a short while ago told me the following about learning English:

"I am good with reading, and good with writing. I have some issues with the grammar, and of course it is a problem to express myself properly, but I still have no problem to learn the language. I am good to understand if someone speaks to me, even if I am struggling to understand the accent or the words, I can put the pieces together.

It comes down to speech really. When I have to speak, suddenly nothing works. I babble, and use grammar badly, I hesitate that what will come out of my mouth is nothing to do what I want to say. I feel this embarrassment and gut wrenching and to be frank I am scared to talk. That is the hardest. To speak English..."

Her confession made me think, that maybe she actually expressed the most common block to many learners. It is one thing to know something and another to utilize them. The hardest part of learning a language is to speak with it.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" said Franklin Delano Roosevelt the 34th president of the US. Here in Step LS we fully agree with him in this.

So what Step LS can offer to conquer the fear of speaking English?

1) You will speak with the tutor during every lesson. It is a conversation, not a Q&A.

2) The tutor will help building your confidence with instant feedback and correction if you make a mistake. Her job is to make you a better English speaker not to shame you for not knowing.

3) The conversations have a natural flow, like they do in real life. It greatly helps you to feel comfortable if something did not said right.

4) You and the tutor use a living language instead of a dry and meaningless chore of recital.

5) You can actually enjoy chatting on topics and news you are interested anyway.

Do not afraid to speak. Do not afraid to learn in a way, you enjoy.

Words/ expressions used:

struggle = fight/constantly makes an effort

accent = a particular way to speak the language

babble = talk nonsense

embarrassment = perceiving that others judge the person negatively

utilize = use properly repeatedly

Q&A = Questions and Answers

recital = repeating by heart

chatting = talking casually

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