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Reimagining STEP-LS

So the very first blogpost has been born! So much has happened with our online school in this month! Renewed website, more presence on the ever changing Facebook, and the first blog post. But first things first:

Why the changes?

The answer is obvious: as an online language school we need to step up (see what I did there?) and follow the call of the XXI. century. The renewal is the first step on a long road of change, and it is a first one on the to-do list. There are plenty of planned changes, we want to change how studying languages online goes. Try to show that learning languages (in our case English) shouldn't be a chore, but an entertaining and fun engagement.

This is the reason for our changes on the website:

- we wish to start an open forum, where English can be practiced with each other

- we start a fun and hopefully learning engagement on Facebook, and in due time on other social media as well.

- we start this blog.

We plan other engagements as well, but first we want a strong presence with these tools first.

So what this blog will be about?

We want to use this blog as a kind of diary of the events and toughts we came across each month (at first, then later, if there is interest weekly and more often). Anything interesting happening that month which relates to languages or the topic of English language, we share here, and share our toughts as well. So please let us know Dear Readers, if you are interested in any topics and we try to accomodate your needs.

So what about this month?

Apart from our big start we talked about in detail here and on Facebook, we found entertaining ways to learn English through humour and engaging TV series. Also (hopefully) we learned something about the Irish and English slang as well.

We here sincerely believe in this new way of learning a language and hopefully many will join our struggle to change studying from a boring chore to a fun experience.

Words used:

- presence: being there somewhere all the time

- obvious: self explanatory

- engagement: (here) being involved with an activity

- accomodate: make room for

- entertain: to have fun

- slang: specific use of words in a group of people

- sincerely: honestly

- struggle: series of fights

- chore: routine task

#Startingablog #STEPLS #English #languagelearning

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