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Everyday English Lessons


You will learn

- how to communicate well

- how to be a confident speaker

- new vocabulary connected to everyday life situations

- to understand others talking

English in pairs


Why not trying to learn together? Study English with your partner.


It's a good program, fun and entertaining. Studying with your loved one boosts your confidence and extremely motivating. You could also prepare for lessons together and help each other offline. So do not hesitate and learn English online!

Exam preparation


Preparing for any kind of language exam (Cambridge, TOEFL, ITK, etc...) from beginner to advanced. Every language exam is different and focuses on different grammar bits therefore you need to be well aware of the requirement. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but can be easily determined what aspects of the language are being tested in that particular exam.

Business English


Business English is built on your existing knowledge. It is vital if you need English for your job/ business or you want to work abroad. But actually, Business English involves far more than these. It will help you to acquire creative and constructive thinking, you will be up-to-date in terms of the world's economic outlook. You will gain confidence and understand how our world works today.

Conversational English


It's simple! With conversational lessons you can put into practice all the things you have learnt. It's a safe environment to discuss several topics in all areas of life and learn to form your opinion about different things meanwhile paying attention to punctuality. We use real life situations, the topics are engaging and interesting. If you wish, you can also pick a topic to talk about!

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