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This is the first unit of the new pronunciation class where we are going to practice the sound 'a'. 

You can find an audio file and a vocabulary list below which I need you to practice as long as you don't feel 100% confident.

(I recommend you to listen and practice a couple of times then wait a few more days and do the same exercise again). 

IMPORTANT!!! Don't worry about the meaning, you don't have to understand/ translate the text :)

Have fun!

Practicing 'a' - Unknown Artist

Please repeat after the speaker:


art, arms, bar, mark, arch, bark, dark, heart, sergeant, clerk, Derby, psalm, laugh, bath, castle, fast, glass, disaster, rather, enhance



1. The marble bird-bath was hidden in the tall grasses near the path.
2. Let's park our car at Barbara's as the car park is rather far from the theatre.
3. At last Margaret's anxiety passed and she chanced a disastrous dance with a laughing sergeant.
4. I'd rather take a chance and let my father drive me to the garage in his fast car.
5. Hard-hearted Margaret was reading psalms in the dark.
6. As an office boy I made such a mark that I was given the post of a Junior clerk.


Barbara's car is a Jaguar

And Barbara drives rather fast.

Castles, farms and draughty barns,

She goes charging past.

When I, good friends, was called to the bar,

I'd an appetite fresh and hearty.

But I was, as many barristers are.

An impecunious party.

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