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Tutoring English online is fun!
English with STEP LS for


Everyday life situations

Business language

Living abroad

Language exams

Strengthening communication skills

The long story short - in more detail


Many years ago I started teaching friends and family members just for fun. Because I have been living in Ireland since 2008, many relatives and friends had come to visit me and at the same time studied or practiced the language. Of course, they needed some help from time to time and I realized how nice it is when you can help others. That’s how the idea of teaching English professionally came to my mind. I got my teaching diploma in 2010 and since 2012 I have been teaching full time in Dublin and on the Internet.

To be honest with you, I feel I'm more and more in love with teaching. It has given me countless happy moments which I should thank to my amazing students.


I think everybody needs English nowadays. Another world opens in front of you when you are able to speak and understand this language. Learning English online can be also entertaining, interesting and simply just fun. A  good tutor should ensure that students have a good time while studying English by making the lesson interesting, paying attention to the students’ needs and building up their confidence. The lessons will be personalized according to your needs. There are several reasons why someone chooses to learn English online. It can be for a language exam, for work purposes, for better communication in everyday situations, etc… and they all need different teaching methods.

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